PewDiePie Net Worth. How Much is He Worth?

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PewDiePew Net Worth

Born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, PewDiePie is a famous Swedish video game enthusiast and YouTube celebrity with a net worth of $40 million. He became a gaming personality through his YouTube channel ‘PewDiePie.’ It features clips of him playing video games and giving commentaries of what he experiences as he plays.

Since launching the channel in 2009, his subscription numbers have skyrocketed, and at one point, his YouTube channel became the most subscribed channel on YouTube. PewDiePie moved to the United Kingdom in 2013 after gaining more than 6 million subscribers to get better connectivity for running his YouTube channel.

Personal details

Celebrity name: PewDiePie

Real name: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg

Gender: male

Date of birth: October 24, 1989

Place of birth: Gothenburg, Sweden

Age: 32

Nationality: Swedish

Profession: YouTube personality

Net worth: $40 million

The early life of PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Kjellberg was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on October 24, 1989. His father is known as Ulf Christian Kjellberg, and his mother, Lotta Kristine Johanna. He is from a formal family, with his father being a corporate executive and his mother a renowned award-winning chief information officer. 

Arvid had a great interest in art, and being an amicable gamer, he skipped school to play video games. He graduated from Goteborg’s Hogue Samskola with dreams of enrolling at Chalmers University of technology to pursue a degree in industrial economics and technology management. However, Felix lost interest in the course and dropped out. He then used his passion for Photoshop to sell photoshopped images to save and buy a computer to keep gaming habits.

The Career of PewDiePie

Felix started his YouTube career in December 2006 with a channel called ‘pewdie.’ His early posted videos show him playing call of duty and a few vlog videos. He would later open a new channel on April 29, 2010, after forgetting the password to his initial channel. Felix paid much attention to playing call of duty, Minecraft, and a few action games on this channel. 

How Much is PewDiePie Worth

How Much is PewDiePie Worth

PewDiePie would upload videos of his best play with epic reactions. His funny and entertaining commentary on the short clips he posted saw him go viral at a faster rate. In 2012 his YouTube channel grew to be the most subscribed channel with more than 5 million subscribers.

Early success

Felix’s channel got a massive following when he began playing the game amnesia. His ‘let’s play’ series became very popular. After gaining 1 million subscribers in July 2012 and 2 million subscribers later that year, he signed a deal with MCN Machinima before heading to maker studios in October 2012.

Between 2012 and 2013, PewDiePie was a fast-growing YouTube channel, with subscriber numbers growing from 3.5 million to 19 million. In the same year, his video views had hit 1.3 billion and still holds the title for the most subscribed YouTube channel.

The deal he signed with maker studios helped him develop a PewDiePie app that was available on iPhone. He also created a website and online store that would work hand in hand with the app to make him successful. In 2014, 14 million people subscribed to his channel earning him 4.1 billion views. After that, he was averaging 300 million video views per month.


PewDiePie released his game into the market, called PewDiePie: Legend of the brofist.

He later launched his book known as this book loves you. Felix has also won several accolades within the YouTube gaming scene. He was named the best gaming channel award in the 5th streamy awards.

In 2016 his annual YouTube income was reaching $15 million, making him the highest-earning YouTuber.

He is also into giving, and he has managed to raise more than $400000 through his ‘water campaign’ program. 

Arvid is believed to be worth $40 million in 2021.

Personal life of PewDiePie

In 2011, PewDiePie bumped into an Italian lady known as Marzia Bisognin, where they headed to create a robust online friendship that led to romance. PewDiePie opened a YouTube channel for Marzia called ‘cutiepiemarzia,’ in 2012, and she used her platform to showcase fashion, makeup, beauty, and books.

Before retiring in 2018. After moving between Sweden and Italy, the PewDiePie family settled in Brighton and hove to England, where they were wedded in August 2019.

How does PewDiePie spend his millions?

Being a YouTube star, PewDiePie has spent a handsome amount of money on his studio equipment. Including cameras, microphones, and lighting.

There is not much information about his purchases and lifestyle, but PewDiePie is a big giver to charity. When he gained 25 million subscribers on YouTube, he celebrated the moment with a charity drive. He is involved with charities to save children, wildlife protection, children’s rights, mental illness, and many more.


PewDiePie is among the highest-earning YouTuber on the planet. He has hundreds of millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. PewDiePie earns close to $15 million every year, significantly contributed to by video sponsorships that can cost up to $500000. His wealth is continuing to grow, and in 2021, his estimated net worth is $40 million.