Nicholas Cage Net Worth. How Much is He Worth?

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How much is Nicholas Cage Worth

Nicholas Cage is a well-known American actor, director, and producer with a net worth estimated at $25 million. It is true to say that his net worth was more than $100 million, considering that he has earned more than $200 million from the salaries he was paid in his acting career.

Personal details

Celebrity Name: Nicholas cage

Real name: Nicholas Kim Cappola

Date of birth: January 7, 1964

Place of birth: Long Beach, California, United States

Age: 57

Gender: male

Nationality: American 

Profession: actor, film producer, television producer, voice artist

Net worth: $25 million 

The early life of Nicholas Cage

Nicholas cage was born Nicholas Kim Coppola on January 7, 1964, in Long Beach, California. To parents, August Cappola and Joy Vogelsang. Cage is from an Italian-German-polish family line. His father was a literature professor, and his mother was a choreographer and dancer. Unfortunately, in 2009, August passed away after suffering a heart attack. Cage’s family was made up of three sons and their parents. He went to Beverly Hills high school and later proceeded to UCLA School of theater and arts. From his father’s family, the film director Francis Ford Coppola is Cage’s uncle. The actress Talia shire is her aunt, which makes him cousins with directors Sofia Cappola, Roman Coppola, and Jason Schwartzman. To avoid the controversy that would arise from using the popular Cappola family name, Cage got the inspiration to change his name from Marvel’s superhero Luke Cage. 

The Career of Nicholas Cage

Cage was handed his first acting gig in the film ‘fast times at Ridgemont high,’ and he worked diligently through the 1990s. He played various roles in well-known films such as ‘honeymoon in Vegas,’ ‘family man,’ the rock, and more. He has managed more than 70 film credits since he began his career.

Cage’s 2004 movie, national treasure, performed better at the box office, but seemingly he only performed better in films with big budgets. Compared to the low-profile movies he starred in that performed poorly at the box office. 

Nicholas Cage Net Worth

Nicholas Cage Net Worth

In 2006 he did a remake of the movie wicker man. Still, unfortunately, the film could not break even against the $40 million budget, and this issue invited many negative reviews from the public and other stakeholders.

In 2009 Nicholas cage took a lead role in a film called the ‘Bad lieutenant: port of call New Orleans’ under director Werner Herzog. Cage was appreciated for his lead role, as well as for getting a lot of uplifting reviews. 

His box office success came with the release of the movie Ghost rider that grossed $585 million. His next movie was a recorded box office flop, and he went through a hard time after the Elijah wood film got disqualified.

Nicholas cage financial problems

Nicholas cage earnings from 1996 to 2011 are estimated to be more than $150 million from acting salaries. He was paid $16 million for the film snake eyes. For his role in ‘gone in sixty seconds,’ he received $20 million, $20 million for a national treasure. To mention a few. 

As Cage rose among the ranks, his pay and revenue also increased. This is also reflected in his spending habits. He spent a lot of money buying tens of houses, including two castles; he also acquired an island worth $7 million in the Bahamas. Cage owned many exotic locomotives, four private yachts, a private jet valued at $30 million, pieces of famous artwork, expensive jewelry, and without forgetting his dinosaur skull, believed to be 67 million years old.

In 2009 cage was reported to have evaded paying close to $7 million in federal income taxes and even recent reports from 2017 suggest that Cage was still paying off his debts in May 2017.

Achievements and awards

For his role in the movie ‘leaving Las Vegas,’ in 1996, Nicholas cage was awarded the best actor in the academy awards. The same year seemed to be going well for him, as he also won the Golden Globe award for the same role. His notable nominations include him portraying screenwriter Charlie Kaufman in the 2002 adaptation. He was also nominated for screen actors’ guild awards, BAFTA among others.

Charity and philanthropy

Cage could be one of the greatest Hollywood stars. He once donated $2 million to amnesty international to build shelters and provide medical and physical care for children soldiers in countries ravaged by war. 

In the time of hurricane Katrina taking place, Cage is said to have donated $1 million to the most affected residents. He is a big supporter of art initiatives that raise awareness on matters of human rights. His good deeds earned him a Humanitarian Award from the United Nations.


From his background history, we can see that film directors and actors surround Cage. This could be one of the forces that propelled his interest in film and art, in which he performed exceptionally. Cage has gone through some demoralizing moments, such as having movies flop despite high budget allocations. He was on the brink of bankruptcy after running into problems with the IRS, but he managed to try filming and acting to grow his wealth once again.